YCS Round 3

Saturday the 24th of March brought the final round of this year’s BMC Youth Climbing Series.

In a complete turn around from the blizzard that prevented round 2, we spent a glorious sunny day at Sunderland Wall, fighting for a chance to head to EICA Ratho for the YCS finals.

The wall soon filled with many eager young climbers, and we ducked away for a quick warm up, and to read our routes.

Youth B started on boulders, with the first proving to be difficult, a deep shoulder lock off, high foot rock over to an undercut. Most of the group got thrown off reaching for the undercut, but Cayla used some alternate beta which worked well and she gained points ahead of the others.

Boulder two saw flashes from everyone. The third boulder however, was a cramped start, and difficult move, which shot down most competitors. Cayla however pulled through, made awesome progress, and clearly lead the girls B category.

The first route split the girls fairly well and got us started nicely. Things looked hopeful for Iris as she hoped to move form 4th to 3rd overall.

The second route, like the boulders, was mostly flashed by all. Iris, however, took a fall before the final sequence having got caught up awkwardly in a corner. That is the nature of the sport and these competitions, however, we had one more route to make up for it!

The final route looked hard, a steeper and longer wall than the kids are used to, and the last route that could be the difference between going to Ratho or not.

Once these routes were finished we waited nervously for the results. D group however had to have a climb off to solve a draw.

All the kids put in more effort than I could ever ask for.  Cayla and Ellen came first in their category, and one of our NICAS 5 members Matt came 3rd in his. These 3 will head to Scotland at the end of April for the final.

Kitty, YCS first timer and academy newbie finished 4th. Iris, came 5th in Girls B.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the kids for the effort, and for the parents for enabling their participation. The competition was very tough, but as usual, the sportsmanship was fantastic, and the atmosphere was awesome.

For the three qualifying kids, I look forward to seeing you crush in Edinburgh!