26th Oct

22nd Mar

WBL 2017/18

The friendly winter bouldering competition is back for another year!

Get psyched for our 2017/18 Winter Bouldering League (WBL)!

WBL provides an awesome opportunity to test yourselves, track your skill gains but more importantly meet a bunch of awesome people and share some good old banter. Let’s be honest who really cares about winning, it is just about beating your mates!

The event is sponsored by Scarpa so the prizes are top notch, £1500 worth of top notch!

How it all works…

First of all, the competition is FREE, just rock up to HCC (regular entry fee applies) grab a score card and get after it!

WBL will have five rounds this year, each lasting around 3-4 weeks. Climb the labelled routes and tally the number of attempts it took to crush it. The fewer attempts, the more points you get.

Funky, creative problems ranging from V0 right through to V8+ will be scattered across the bouldering area. Have a think, try to absorb the beta and hope to flash the problem!

It’s not just about being the strongest, prizes and high fives are also given out to those who show the most psyche, commitment and progression. Prizes will also be dished out to those who post the best picture and video (don’t forget to tag us).

We hope you are all getting fired up, we would love to see as many of you as possible get involved!

If you have any questions just pick up the phone.


Round 1
Thursday 26th October '17 - Wednesday 22nd November '17

Round 2
Thursday 23rd November '17 - Wednesday 20th December '17

Round 3
Thursday 21st December '17 - Wednesday 24th January '18

Round 4
Thursday 25th January '18 - Wednesday 21st February '18

Round 5
Thursday 22nd February '18 - Wednesday 21st March '18

Thursday 22nd March '18 - Thursday 22nd March '18