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A #tbt to 2017 for our first Petzl Light Out evening! Keep reading for more info and some images for this epic event!

Earlier this month we partnered up with Petzl to deliver an amazing Lights Out event for our HCC customers…and did we deliver!

Lights Out 3

It’s Wednesday 14th Feb at 6pm, Petzl rock up with the head torches and we begin the countdown to turn the lights off!

Nearly 80 people came through our doors in the next 3 hours to experience indoor climbing in complete darkness with just their head torches to guide the way!

Lights Out 2

The climbing looked amazing in the dark and the atmosphere was awesome! Not to mention the Pizza and beer which went down a treat for all the climbers that attended!

The feedback we got from the event was absolutely brilliant and it was great to see people enjoying themselves! A huge thank you for everyone who turned up and supported the event!

We look forward to doing more events like this in the near future!

Team HCC