Anyone can learn to boulder and be climbing straight away!

Try Bouldering, or low-level climbing, a distinct area of climbing in its own right. Without the security of a rope, but above impact matting, bouldering is a great physical challenge with the right amount of excitement!

Book an Intro to Bouldering session today to become an unsupervised boulderer!

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Our Intro to Bouldering session can be booked as a private induction for one, or a group session for your friends or family. They are the perfect way to get into the world of bouldering. One of our instructors will guide you through the safety aspects, with a mixture of theoretical and practical exercises, plus give you loads of hands on experience by just letting you climb!


Intro to Bouldering (30 mins session)

£15 per person

Intro to Bouldering & Auto Belay (60 mins session)

£30 per person

Book your bouldering induction today

Book your very own private bouldering induction! Our bespoke sessions can accommodate a mixture of ages, but under 14s must be accompanied by an over 18 booked on to the session. 14-17 year old’s require a Blue Card Sign-Off to be able to use the Bouldering area unsupervised after their induction. Under 14’s will require supervision of a boulder inducted adult.