Section 1: Confirming your booking

1.1. Full payment or the provision of a validated purchase order is required in order for us to confirm your booking. Any exception to this will be solely at our discretion.

1.2. To use a voucher for full or part payment, a valid voucher code must be provided upon booking.

Section 2: Altering your booking

2.1. Up until 7 days (14 days for party and group bookings) prior to the date you booked for, you can alter your booking without incurring any penalties.

2.2. Within 7 days (14 days for party and group bookings) of the date you booked for, any request to alter your booking may result in the loss of 100% of your booking fee, and we reserve the right to reject any request.

2.3. Should you need to reschedule your booking due to an unforeseen emergency (medical/family), we will at our discretion and subject to our availability, look to reschedule the booking without charge.

2.4. At any point prior to the date you booked, you may inquiry about increasing the head-count or length of your booking. This will be subject to our ability to accommodate the increase, but will not incur any additional charges past the standard cost associated to the increase.

Section 3: Cancellations

By customer

3.1. A full refund will be issued, where cancellation takes place 7 days (14 days for party and group bookings) prior to the date of your booking.

3.2. 100% of your total booking fee will be forfeit, where cancellation takes place less than 7 days (14 days for party and group bookings) prior to the date of your booking.

By company

3.3. We will endeavour to ensure that all bookings run at the scheduled date and time, however, in the event that is necessary for us to cancel a booking, we will notify you as soon as is possible.

3.4. In the event of a cancellation by us, we will offer you the following options; a full refund or an alternate booking date/time, subject to availability.

3.5. It is not possible for us to refund any travel costs you may incur due to cancellations.

Section 4: Additional booking policies

4.1. It is your responsibility to ensure that you arrive prior to the scheduled start-time of your booking. In the event you arrive late, please be aware that it will not be possible for us to overrun your bookings past the scheduled finish-time.

4.2. We reserve the right to remove an individual or stop a booking, should they or a group’s behaviour be deemed anti-social or infringe on the safety of themselves or others. No form of reimbursement will be offered under these circumstances.